Sales & Promotional Tools

My Role: Art direction, layout design, illustration and concepts for various print pieces.
Client: Both freelance and in-house.

Tools: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and hand sketching

Below are various examples of catalogs, promotional posters and various sales tools I have designed.

A celebration of filth: A digital proposal to drum up interest in a book about cult film production designer Vincent Peranioeaturing quotes from interviews conducted for the book along with imagery that fans would instantly recognize.

Wheatpaste not included: Posters for the MINT Gallery in Atlanta and Untitled Nashville to promote upcoming gallery shows. The poster for MINT highlighted art inspired by cult and exploitation films so I designed the poster is in the lurid style of the grindhouse era to give viewers a taste of what to expect from the exhibition.

An American Original: Working with our in-house photographer I implemented a complete overhaul of the Levi's catalog for our internal sales team.

Process: Sketches I created before final photography was executed so both I and the photographer knew what we needed to capture and what would fit best within the layouts of the catalog.

IG Story: One-sheet detailing Wembley's social media engagement.