I Saw What You Did Podcast Merchandise

My Role: Lead designer
Client: Stitcher & Exactly Right Media

Tools: Illustrator and hand sketching

I designed some fun merchandise for my friends Millie De Chirico and Danielle Henderson's I Saw What You Did podcast, which you order right here! I highly recommended it if you’re into smart and funny chicks gabbing about movies and life.

Merch to take you to the edge...and BEYOND: Above are the final designs, which were featured on t-shirts and hoodies. Esteemed Dirtbag is taken directly from the podcast. Millie and Danielle wanted a really "regal and classy" interpretation.

I lost it at the movies: I Know What You Did is all about movies so it was only fitting that I found lots of inspiration from cult films, especially newspaper ads and pressbooks from the '60s and '70s. I also found inspiration from vintage retail typography.

Out in the wild: A few examples of I Know What You Did merchandise in the real world.