Branding Guidelines

My Role: Designer
Clients: Various

Tools: Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop

Sample of brand guides and style sheets I've created.

With the launch of, an online outreach program for Tennessee families, I created a brand guideline used by hundreds of state employees for their print needs, as well as a series of templates that ensured a consistent experience across all platforms.

I designed these in-house brand guidelines for iostudio, an award-winning marketing agency based in Nashville.

Collaborating with a small team of designers we created this style guide for the National branch of DSA, to be easily referenced by anyone wanting to create visuals to promote DSA events.

Below is the style sheet for Wembley that covered both packaging and retail displays.

I created branding for the iOs app Pique that was inspired by vintage textbooks and games that put a fresh spin on these classic design elements.